AC Service Charges in Lahore: Our Guide to Pricing and Costs in 2023| How much does AC repair cost in Lahore?

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Looking for AC service charges in Lahore? We specialize in professional HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) services across Punjab’s capital. Our skilled HVAC technicians are proficient and experienced, capable of handling various HVAC repairs and AC services efficiently. Whether it’s repair, maintenance, or new installations (such as window, portable, split AC units, central air conditioning, commercial AHU/FAHU, industrial chiller units, and heating systems), we cater to diverse needs. Whether it’s constructing or renovating homes, offices, or plazas, is equipped to assist you. Our pricing is competitive, and we extend electrical and plumbing services. Lahore Fixers is your partner in constructing and maintaining your property, offering 24/7 helpline assistance.


AC Service Charges in Lahore


AC service charges in Lahore are:




Gas Refilling: Refrigerator/Deep Freezer/Fridge  (Honeywell USA Gas Guaranteed)    2,000
Regular AC gas refilling (Honeywell R2 USA Gas Guaranteed)    2,000
Inverter AC Gas refilling (Honeywell R410 USA Gas Guaranteed)    2,500
Central Cooling System, Commercial Chiller Service, and HVAC (We also provide Maintenance and repair services)    Call for Price
Split Unit Installation (10-foot piping installation is free)    2,000
Standing Floor Unit Installation    3,500
Piping/Foot Labor (10-foot installation is complimentary)    100 per ft.
AC Removal (in case of  changing and shifting)    1,000
Repairing of PCB cards (up to 1 to 2 tons of AC)    2,500
Service and cleaning of AC    2,000
Service and Cleaning (Normal)    1,000
Standing Units and Service Cassette    4,000


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What are the factors influencing AC service charges in Lahore?


Several factors influence AC service charges, including:

Type of Service:

Whether it’s routine maintenance, repair work, the installation of a new unit, or a complete overhaul, it affects the overall cost.

AC Size and Type:

Larger or more complex AC systems may require more time, effort, and specific expertise, impacting the service charges.

Extent of Work:

The complexity and severity of the issue significantly influence costs. Minor repairs or standard maintenance usually cost less than extensive repairs or replacements.

Parts and components:

Replacement parts or components required for repairs or installations contribute to the total cost, especially if specialized or branded parts are needed.

Service Provider:

Different service providers might have varying pricing structures based on their expertise, reputation, and the level of service they offer.


Service charges can differ based on geographical location, as living costs and market demands vary across regions.

Emergency or After-Hours Service:

Emergency or after-hours service might incur additional charges due to the immediate response and inconvenience.

Considering these factors helps in understanding and estimating the costs associated with AC service charges in Lahore.



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