AC Installation & Fitting services in Lahore

The many years of experience of Lahore services Team in AC fitting and its specialized and certified network of AC installations, offer you a perfect technical installation. We guarantee you correct, efficient and economic operation of your air conditioner service in Lahore PK, observing the rules of correct installation and environmental protection

Safe AC Installation & fitting in Lahore: The people who come to your home for AC Installation take enhanced personal protection and personal hygiene measures such as gloves, mask, footwear and hand disinfection with antiseptic liquid. Optionally, for extra personal safety, some people make use of goggles and hats.

During AC fitting Lahore, the installer:

It is recommended that the homeowner thoroughly clean all surfaces of the installation area with a solution of bleach or other EHS-recommended cleaners after the work is completed.

Our distribution center facilities and all equipment that comes in contact with the merchandise is disinfected daily both at the end of the day and between shifts and, there are time gaps between shifts to isolate and protect our colleagues.

  • Remove those staying in the home from the area
  • Where the installation is taking place. He opens the windows and, if possible, the door.
  • If it is necessary for anyone in the house to be present in the room, he keeps a distance of at least 2 feet from anyone in the room.

What the AC Installation service includes:

  • Installation by licensed and certified refrigeration technicians.
  • Outdoor unit (floor or wall) base.
  • Covering up to 3 meters of piping and wiring.
  • Installation of outdoor unit up to 3 meters high.
  • Installation of electrical plug (socket), up to the length of the cable.
  • Single drain and drain connector (T).
  • Condensate drainage test of the indoor unit.
  • Creation of a vacuum in the piping (with vacuum pump).
  • AC Installation guaranteed 12 months.

More Services:

  • Checking the correct size of the air conditioner and the integrity of the machine
  • Checking the proper placement for the most efficient air conditioning of the space.
  • Checking the correct operation of the machine after completion of the installation.
  • Checking the correct operation of the machine after completion of the installation.
  • Covering holes with plaster or silicone.
  • Cleaning of the area and removal of spills.

What the service does not include:

  • Additional materials (e.g., connection materials, electromechanical equipment, software) not listed in the installation and required to perform the installation are subject to an additional charge.
  • Drilling of glazing (glazing screen) and stone wall.
  • Annual AC maintenance/cleaning.
  • Removal of old air conditioner.
  • Decorative duct piping.
  • Custom base construction.
  • Use of tow truck.
  • Scaffolding single/double.
  • Carpentry & ironwork not included.
  • Wireless connection (Wi-Fi) not included.
  • In cases of pre-installation, nitrogen cleaning of pipes is required (extra charge)

Why Lahore AC Services (

  • AC Installation by Certified Technicians *Our nationwide network of associates, from qualified licensed refrigeration technicians, guarantees the complete AC installation and demonstration of your new air conditioner.
  • Licensed Refrigeration Technician Licensed and certified refrigeration technician for fluoride gas management.
  • Warranty 12 month installation warranty includes.

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