Expert Washing Machine Repair Services.

With Lahore Services expert washing machine repair, you can enjoy a like-new appliance at a fraction of the cost. Our years of experience ensure quick and affordable repairs for all faults.

Why choose Lahore Services to repair your Automatic washing machine?

  • The staff of LahoreServices consists of highly trained and experienced technicians who immediately find the damage and repair it in a minimum of time.
  • The smooth operation of your household or business returns quickly and without any hassle with service on a daily basis.
  • We have the appropriate equipment and know-how that allow us to repair all types of damage completely and safely.
  • We offer a two-year warranty for every service and spare part.
  • The reliability of the washing machine repair Lahore PK contributes to its smooth operation for many years and extends its life.
  • We repair and maintain all well-known washing machine brands like Samsung PK, Dawlance PK, Haier Pakistan etc.

A Sterling Reputation


What does the our services include?

The services and repair of the automatic washing machine follows different procedures depending on the technical specifications of each manufacturer. The Lahore Services technician who knows in depth the special requirements of each washing machine checks and repairs the following points:

  • Water outlet pump
  • Shutter and door block
  • Washing machine board
  • Eelectricity and water supply
  • Resistance sensors
  • Bearing function
  • Sewer pipes
  • Corrosion of the washing machine by salts
  • Proper belt and shock absorber operation
  • Any other point in the automatic washing machine needs to be checked and repaired.

How do I know if my washing machine needs repair?

If you notice problems with your washing machine, we encourage you to act quickly to avoid repairing it first. The sooner we identify and resolve the problem, the more likely it is that more damage will occur and you will enjoy your washing machine for many years to come. Contact our company if you notice the following in the washing machine you have:

  • It does not light up and does not respond at all . In most cases this is caused by a broken circuit breaker or circuit, something our professional washing machine technicians in Lahore can fix.
  • The bucket rotates little or not at all. This is usually observed by taking the clothes out of the washing machine and at the end of the cycle being wet.
  • The bucket does not shake or there is excessive noise and vibration . In the latter case, your washing machine may not sit well on the floor or the pads may be damaged.
  • There is a leak or the water does not drain properly or after washing you notice stains or soaps on the clothes .

If any of the above signs appear, it is very important to service the laundry as soon as possible. While all of the above is happening, if you do not act quickly, it may cause more damage to your washing machine which may lead to the purchase of a new one. To prevent this from happening, call us and we will provide you with the best solution.

When should I seek the help of a technician for my washing machine?

  • Water is running from the washing machine.
  • The bucket makes loud noise.
  • The washing machine does not pump water.
  • The washing machine does not drain the water.
  • The washing machine does not start or as soon as it starts it drops the fuse.
  • The washing machine door does not close properly.
  • The bucket does not turn.

For all the above faults but also for any other fault, the technicians of Lahore Services immediately give a solution to the problem by replacing any spare part needed and the thorough inspection of good and safe operation of the washing machine.

How often do I need to call a technician?

Usually when a washing machine is used at home only, it does not cause so many problems. It will be good, of course, at the bad time that something like this will happen to have the opportunity to have our phone or the website of our company. Usually such problems occur at the worst time, just when you need your device.

However, unlike commercial facilities such as shops and hotel units, there the call of a technician is often necessary for reasons of hygiene. When a washing machine unit is used to meet the needs of too many people, it makes sense to need more frequent repairs and maintenance for reasons of health and cleanliness . If you have in your business many washing machines and units that need repair, we also have economical packages of offers for you. You can contact LahoreServices and contact us either by phone or through our website. We will give you all the information you need as well as the most economical offer and all our maintenance and laundry service packages that we have.

7 Advantages of hiring Lahore Services for your washing machine

7 Advantages of hiring us for your washing machine Guarantees and certifications of spare parts and works.

  • Specialized technicians not only for your washing machine but for every type and brand.
  • Clear price list of services without hidden charges and fine print .
  • Polite professional staff.
  • Laundry service that covers and suits your needs and schedule.
  • Special offers and packages.
  • Fast response in a large territory.

For these and many other reasons, we take it for granted to choose a specialist company like ours, putting aside any worries and concerns.

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